Element of Spirit

The spirit is the essence of energy that moves all life.


We exist here as a physical body,
The one who is moving the body
Spirit + Soul = that is, Vibration + Energy.

Vibration + Energy is our essence,
We are invisible
Surrounded by all kinds of energy
It is connected, supported and kept alive.

“Love” and “Gratitude” that are already in each of us
Expressing in various ways,
By nurturing
With an invisible big power
You can connect,
We bring out infinite possibilities from the inside,
It can be expressed outward,
In the connection with all things
A harmonious way of life
You will be able to make it happen.

[Jomon Hifumi Norito Copy]

Hifumi Norito is
It is said to be the code of the Jomon people.

Just as it is said that spirits dwell in words,
It is said that spirits also dwell in a number.

Hifumi Norito, which contains both of these elements
Even if you just write,
Your heart calms down, purifies,
You are  getting calmer and more focused,
Connect with invisible power,
You can connect to your true self.

Hifumi Norito, also known as the spirit of light that penetrates the darkness.
It was passed down beyond 15,000 years of space-time.
Ancient memories.
Wake me up in you,
Connect with the source of your life,
Let’s activate infinite possibilities.

[Adjust your mind, body and soul]

Relaxation BGM
While listening to quiet, high-frequency music,
Deep meditation (meditation)
You can experience it during retreat.

Meditation to align your mind, body and soul.
By doing it,
Freed from all kinds of miscellaneous thoughts,
You can return to your neutral self,
Connected to the invisible great power
Your true power.
You will be able to fully use your power in your life.


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