Element of Wind

Because there is air
We can breathe,
We can exist here.

Breathing is the biggest key to connecting our lives.

Everything on earth is breathing.
Of course.

It’s hard to see the importance of the element of  air,
because it is natural.

The irreplaceable energy of “air”
Make the most of it and activate our lives.

Deep breathing sends fresh air into your body,
It circulates blood, your brain is activated,
Deep relaxation both mentally and physically
You can regain your calm mind.

[Bamboo gymnastics, yoga, stretching]

Put the yoga mat wherever you like,
While soaking in the sun in Matama’s garden,or
In the Jomon pit dwelling
Exercise at your own pace.

Slowly move your whole body while taking a deep breath,
Relieve the tension of your mind and body,
A moment when you connect firmly to your own life.


[Electromagnetic wave detox]

Turn off your smartphone completely and get away from the electromagnetic waves.
Get away from the information. Get away from miscellaneous thoughts.
If you stare at yourself quietly without worrying about time,
You can see something really important.
By experiencing the feeling of being alive at this moment,
You can enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction.


Take in fresh air into your body,
Breath out slowly.
That’s all.

The mind, body and soul will be aligned naturally.

Close your eyes and shut down the outside world,
It opens your eyes of your heart and leads to your inner world.

I’m just here right now in this moment.

By regaining a sense of security
You can regain your original power.


Using a sketchbook
You can draw a Matama building,
You can draw a picture on a tree.
Whatever you want to draw that is totally ok.

Drawing calms down your mind and increases your concentration.
The exciting feeling will come back to you.