Elements of water

Most of our bodies are made of water.

The water becomes cloudy,
If it gets stagnant, the blood circulation of the body will get worse,
Your thoughts become dull,
It’s easy to get sick.

As it is said that emotions are water,
Clean water = clean emotions
is circulating in your body,
Your thoughts are clear, your mind is calm,
A healthy mind and
You will be able to maintain your body.

To be grateful for the water of life and treat it carefully,
The fountain of your heart is purified, your body is purified,
The vitality will be full more and more.

By making good use of this element of water,
Your body is cleansed,
You will be able to fully use your talent.

<Gratitude work>

To write a letter of gratitude to Mother Earth, invisible power,
to all the blessings that nurture you body mind and spirit.

By counting the gratitude that is commonplace
The life in you begins to shine,
It spreads around.
The flow of life will get better.

[Read a book]

Reading a book is
The consciousness that was facing outward
You can turn it inside.

By reading a good book that improves your soul,
Miscellaneous thoughts are en massed, thoughts are cohesive,
Regain your calm feelings,
You can spend a quiet and meaningful time,
You can get a real sense of satisfaction.

[Nap and daze time in the Jomon attic]

In the attic across the Jomon period
A moment to relieve the tension of your mind and body.
Stay away from all kinds of information and miscellaneous thoughts
Take a nap,
I’m just absent-minded
The mind and body return to neutrality.

Forget the time like a Jomonian
Travel back in time to the human origin.


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