Element of soil

Touching the earth,
It means listening to the voice of the earth.

Listening to the voice of the earth,
You noticed the blessings of the earth and gratitude them,
It means that you will learn from there.

The earth nurtures all lives,
She continues to give us blessings.

Away from electromagnetic waves,
Just touching the soil refreshes your brain,

The feelings of everyday haze
all the thoughts have been removed,
Your feelings will be neutral.

By incorporating the elements of this soil well,
You can learn how to live in harmony with the earth.

[Jomon Earthing]

Become barefoot and incorporate the power of the soil into your body
Take a deep breath improves your immunity.

The power of soil is
It accumulated in your body.
Let  discharge electromagnetic waves,
It purifies the body.

Breathe from the soles of your feet.
That’s all,
Regain your original mind,
You are getting better
You will be able to regain your true vitality.

[Jomon Gardening]

Pulling out the weeds in Matama’s garden,
You can make soil and plant flowers,
You can do whatever you want with the pruning of the garden.

You can refresh your mind and body with the power of nature,
You will be able to return to your calm self.

It’s in Matama
Making things using natural materials.

Moving hands is to move the brain.
Moving the brain is to move the intestines.

Making is as deep as meditation
You can experience relaxation.

Bamboo work, fresh flowers,
Making dried flowers,
Making moss balls…

Through various kinds of creative work
You will meet your true self.

[Making Jomon Magatama Amulets]

While kneading the magatama of the amulet with your own hands,
While chanting Norito(ancient Japanese affirmations) in your heart
you will make a Jomon magatama pendant.

Containing 15,000 years of Jomon energy in magatama,
As the powerful amulet to protect your daily life
You can take it home.


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