About Jomon Matama Retreat

Welcome to Jomon Retreat Matama
(Jomon Retreat Matama or → Matama)

Matama is located in the northern part of Osaka.
It is standing surrounded by bamboo forests.

Get away from busy everyday life
You can feel the silence,
Body-friendly meals,
And everyone can be peaceful.
Founder want to create such a space.
At the request of the founder (Yukinori Tachibana)
This building was built in 1989.

And more than 20 houses from the countryside all over the country
A collection of old materials from older than two or three hundred years old houses
A Jomon pit-style building in the form of reusing
It was reproduced in a modern style.

This building is a traditional building method.
By the skills of old craftsmen
They didn’t use any nails.
By combining pillars and pillars,
It was built.

There are more than 7,000 Yoshibuki roofs of Matama.
A special reed that inhabits Lake Biwa
They are  using it.

In order to maintain this reed roof
It needs to be repaired or repaired every few years.

The inside of Matama has a conical height of 12 meters.
The year after this building was built, due to the revision of the Fire Service Act
A building made of reeds, and a building that is as high as this
It can no longer be built again.

A building with a good roof like this in Kansai
It may be the only Madama village.

Previously, as a cafe restaurant for 24 years
We’ve been running it.
(Click here for the old site Madama Village)

People who visited this place
Customers from all over the country and all over the world

“I’m relieved.”

People said so with all their voices.

The origin of Matama’s name is

Polish your soul

Return to your authentic self
“True Spirit”

So that people all over the world can recognize it.
It has become.

People connect with heart to heart.

Everyone will be relaxed and peace & joy.

The place to relax is Matama.

I would like to raise the flag of hope
because of the unstable world
where people heart cannot afford.

“If you think about it, the flowers will bloom.”

A new sense of experience retreat “Matama”
We will operate in a new way.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.