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To Pass the baton to the next generation

The roof of Matama is made using Shiga Prefecture’s reeds (yoshi).

Approximately 8,000 bundles are used for the entire roof. It is the same material used for the roofs at Ise Grand Shrine. However, in the case of Matama, the cone shape has a larger surface area, so it may require more reeds than the roof of Ise Grand Shrine.

Since this building was constructed over 30 years ago, we have replaced the roof multiple times. We have managed to maintain it until now by repairing the decayed parts.

However, both the thatching craftsmen and the people who produce reeds are decreasing in number.

Maintaining this roof is quite challenging.

Even after rethatching the roof, it eventually decays again in a repeating cycle.

Recently, I had the opportunity for a thatching craftsman, not a reed craftsman, to examine the condition.

“This is excellent craftsmanship,” said Mr. Sagara, a thatching craftsman, nodding in agreement. Even after several decades, the artisan’s skills are truly remarkable.

When I explained the current condition of the roof,

“If replacing the entire roof is burdensome, you can consider rethatching only the top part of the roof, or covering the skirt section with something like a wooden board on top of the existing roof. I believe there might be alternative methods available,” he said.

As the village chief, I would like to rethatch all the roofs. However, replacing the entire roof would cost as much as building two or more single-family houses. Given the current situation, it is quite challenging, and even if we were to use straw instead of reeds, it would still incur significant expenses.

Regarding support and returns, your help is crucial in maintaining this building and preserving it as a place of wellness, where people’s hearts and bodies can be rejuvenated. Therefore, we have decided to recruit roof supporters.

Nevertheless, simply participating in what we already offer would be a substantial support. For those who are far away, we have decided to provide downloadable materials as a return. Your support increases the likelihood of preserving this building for future generations.

The spirit of Jomon revolves around love and gratitude, creating a world of circulation. This place serves as a practical space for such a way of life and as a platform to spread this message to the world. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 🌸

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CEO  Tachibana