One day retreat

Jomon Retreat Matama
(Jomon Retreat Matama or  → Matama)

This one-day retreat

In this retreat, you can
align  your mind, body
and soul through work using
the five major elements of
the earth: fire, water, soil, wind, and spirit.

Align your core mind, body and soul,
use the five major elements of the earth to focus on
all possibilities and creativity, and practice the way of life
of the Jomon people.

It is a retreat with a new sensation 
that allows you to a real experience
that cannot be experienced virtually,
where you can find the richness and true joy of your life.

○In the 1-day retreat, we will work with the following 5 elements.

○Please check the schedule in advance
as the elements to be held will change depending on the schedule.

○Please customize the contents of the program by yourself
You can enjoy your work at your own pace.

Click the element below to see more details



<Flow of the retreat>

10:00am-Meeting orientation
(Q&A and work description)
10:30 – Retreat start
(Each person will do their favorite work.)
12:00 Lunch (Free time)
12:30 – Restart the retreat
14:45 – and cleaning up, etc.
Ends from 15:00 (take-out of works, etc.)

<About the meal>

Farmers are making it with all their heart.
Safe pesticide-free vegetables,
Pesticide-free vegetables we are making,
According to the season
We will cook for you.
Brown rice and seven parts
Blended rice from the softness,
Miso soup made with homemade miso,
Homemade pickles,
It is a healthy menu that pleases your intestines.

After a meal or at any time you like
Drinks and sweets are also available.
Health tea is always available you drink as much as you can.

<About Fee ,time etc..>

[Hours] From 10:00 to 15:00

[Cost] 1 day Retreat Fee (one-day retreat fee)
…15,000 yen

*The cost includes a vegan lunch plate fee,
Gluten-free Vegan Sweets,
All-you-can-drink healthy drink tea
Other coffee, etc. (1drink Free), take-out work fee,
Parking fee + equipment maintenance fee, etc. are included.

[Capacity] About 10 people

[About the participation of children]
Children will be half price from the 3rd to 6th grade of elementary school.
The elements you can participate in are “soil”, “water” and “wind”.
So as not to disturb the customers around you
Children who can participate quietly
Other elements are also available.


○Click on your desired date and you will be taken to the application page.

4/29 (Fri) “Fire”, “Wind” “Spirit”

4/30 (Sat) “Soil” “Water” “Wind”

5/3 (Tue) “Fire”, “Wind” “Spirit”

5/5 (Thu) “Soil” “Water” “Wind”

5/8 (Sun) “Fire” “Wind” “Spirit”

5/14 (Sat) “Soil” “Water” “Wind”

5/15 (Sun) “Fire”, “Wind” and “Spirit”

5/29 (Sun) “Soil” “Water” “Wind”



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○If you would like to make a transfer
Please click here


For other inquiries,
Please click here

Depending on the type of email such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.
You may not receive the email.

Please be sure to check that it is reception allowed.

If you haven’t received a reply after 3 days
Please check if it’s hidden in junk mail.
If you still can’t reach it,
Please send me a message from the Instagram DM.

From Instagram DM to @jomonmatama

<About Cancellation>

9 days ago 30%
3 days ago 80%
100% on the day
The above cancellation fee will be charged.
Thank you for your understanding.

<Participation conditions>

In this retreat,
We provide a place and opportunity to prepare your mind, body and soul.
Respect other people who are participating during the retreat,
“Nurturing a heart of love and gratitude”
“Preparing the mind, body and soul”
It’s for the purpose.

We provide a relaxing environment and opportunities,
Because we do not provide professional care (medical practice)
Thank you for your understanding.
It is intended for those who understand the above.
Thank you very much.

[Organizer] Jomon Retreat Matama
[Cooperation] Mirasfo