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Go back to Jomon, return to yourself.

Go beyond time and space to regain your authentic self.

Create, relax, enjoy, play,
Relax, rest, and align.

In the Jomon period,
We  lived in peace with “love” and “gratitude” as the foundation of our life.

The five elements of the earth
“Fire” “Water” “Soil” “Wind” “Spirit”
By incorporating these five elements into your life,
The balance of mind, body and soul will be aligned.

Today, we have less time to touch the soil,
Forget to be grateful for the invisible power,

A life style that does not incorporate the five elements 
of the earth makes it easier for the mind and body 
to lose balance.

There was a Jomon settlement
existed around this area 15000 years ago.

(A few years ago, many relics from the Jomon period
It was excavated from around here.)

We will provide a place and an opportunity to regain the original human form
that transcends time and space.
Incorporating the five elements of the earth
while touching the ancient Jomon energy that flows continuously. 

Each customer who comes here is the main character.
Without being instructed by someone,
Be yourself ,focus on the infinite possibilities that dwell within you,
Create, express, and have deep relaxation.
You can enjoy your own Jomon time.